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Post Acute Rehabilitation

Post Acute Rehabilitation

Amana Healthcare provides a specialized short-stay inpatient rehabilitation service to help patients recover after a stroke, head injury, major illness or complex surgical procedure. Patients are typically admitted for 30-90 days and receive daily input from an expert team of rehabilitation specialists including doctors, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, pharmacists, and nutritionists.


The main objective of care is to help patients return to home or work – with a focus on recovering function, maximizing independence and optimizing quality of life.

Post Stroke Rehabilitation

Helping patients recover from a stroke or brain hemorrhage through an intensive program of inpatient rehabilitation

Neuro Rehabilitation

Restoring function and independence after a severe head injury, complex neurosurgery or spinal injury

Medically Complex Rehabilitation

Restoring function and independence for patients with complex medical disorders such as breathing difficulties, neurological conditions, complex wounds or complications of diabetes

Rehabilitation after Surgery or Trauma

Restoring function and independence following trauma or major surgery including complex orthopedic procedures

Longterm Medical Care

Longterm Medical Care

Amana Healthcare provides specialized long-term care services for patients of all ages and at all levels of medical complexity – including pediatric and adult patients with complex medical needs who require round-the-clock medical, nursing and rehabilitation support in a hospital-grade setting.


Patients receive 24/7 medical, nursing and rehabilitation services in home-like facilities that respect their cultural values and are located close to their families and loved ones

Ventilated and Medically Complex Patients

Intensive medical care and rehabilitation for pediatric and adult patients on long-term mechanical ventilation

Non-Ventilated Patients with Advanced Medical Needs

Long-term medical care and rehabilitation for patients with permanent functional limitations due to neurological, genetic or injury-related conditions

Home Transition & Respite Care

Home Transition & Respite Care

Amana Healthcare provides a range of specialized services to help patients in their journey from hospital to home – and to ensure they have all the support they need once they get there.

Services include a dedicated home transition team to help patients and their families prepare the home environment; regular home visits by a team of highly-specialized doctors, nurses and rehabilitation experts; and a specialized respite service for patients who need short-term inpatient care in the absence of family members or regular caregivers.

Home Care

Supporting patients at home with regular visits by a specialized team of doctors, nurses and rehabilitation experts

Respite Care

Supporting patients at home with regular visits by a specialized team of doctors, nurses and rehabilitation experts

Transitional Care

Hands-on support with home modifications, carer training and equipment for patients and families to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home