Amana Healthcare News

When Yahya Al Kitbi saw his older brother Mohammed take his first step after a massive stroke it was a moment he had never thought possible.After collapsing at his Al Ain home and suffering a brain haemorrhage four months ago, doctors told the family of Mohammed Al Kitbi, 49, it was improbable that the father of three would ever walk or talk again. He would most probably spend the rest of his life reliant on a ventilator, they said.

One in five patients in long-term intensive care is a young man crippled for life in a car crash. Doctors have described the heartbreak of providing lifetime support for victims with alert minds trapped in the “physical prison of a non-functioning body”. And they have renewed calls for tougher action to curb what one described as a “pandemic” of excessive speed, reckless driving and systematic flouting of basic road safety precautions.

Nine-months pregnant and just days from giving birth, Bushra Al Shams heard the news she did not want to hear. Her nine-month-old firstborn, Sara, had muscular dystrophy – a muscle wasting condition that could also affect her unborn baby. When Ms. Al Shams gave birth to Noor days later and looked into the tiny face of her second daughter, the 29-year-old knew she was born with the same condition. “I just knew it,” says Ms Al Shams, an Emirati. “My heart was heavy. She looked just like her sister did when she was born.”

“At Amana Healthcare we heal with the touch and the smile, not just the medicine,” said Abeer Hussein Swaid, patient care coordinator. Amana Healthcare is a medical and rehabilitation center situated in Al Ain. With a mission statement to “deliver the highest global standard of clinical, rehabilitative and pastoral care to non-acute patients by using innovative care models characterized by strong cultural and religious adaptation,” the facility makes a mark for itself by fostering an environment facilitating spiritual healing and a community of similar people with parallel situations who help each other out.

Amana Healthcare officially launched its first specialized long-term care facility this month, providing non-hospital healthcare services that include long-term, post-acute medical and rehabilitation services and respite care. Located in Al Ain, Amana Healthcare provides services to address the unique and complex needs of UAE nationals who require specialized long-term care.