Avicenna Partners in collaboration with Ministry Of Health has officially brought eKare, a revolutionary wound management and assessment tool, to the UAE. During Arab Rehab Conference 2016, the Ministry of Health displayed eKare at its booth. Within the sphere of wound management, assessment and care, there hadn’t been much innovation done in recent times.

When Avicenna Partners decided to invest in eKare technology, it was with the vision that the technology could help transform the delivery of wound care in the region. The Ministry of Health was very supportive of this initiative and provided for establishment of a Pilot study of about 100 patients across the United Arab Emirates. The MOH saw value in use of such technology to benefit patients in the most remote areas, where patients had limited access to wound care specialists.

MOH began a pilot study that was carried out over a period of about 6 months. During the study, t was found that wound care specialists from Al Qassimi Hospital, a MOH facility, were able to remotely review wounds of patients in areas much further away and advice on treatment and care methodology. With eKare technology doctors were enabled to capture wound images with the help of 3D imaging and smart algorithm’s with the eKare iPad app which then completed wound recognition and data creation within a matter of seconds. The doctors were able to send the wound records and data to wound care specialists, even while they were out of the country over the internet. Through such an innovative application of the technology under Telemedicine, patients were found to benefit from specialist care, remotely and efficiently, with reduced healing times and faster relief from painful chronic wounds.

MOH signed an MOU with Avicenna Partners during the opening of the Arab Health Conference which saw about 130,000 visitors this year. Both Avicenna Partners and MOH continue to incorporate innovations in the healthcare industry to enhance delivery of quality care in the UAE, with eKare being a successful example of the implementation of that mutually shared vision.