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Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

Physicians – Abu Dhabi

Dr. Feizal Fakurrudin General Practitioner – Abu Dhabi

Dr. Feizal Fakurruddin serves as an Internal Physician in Amana Healthcare, Abu Dhabi. He obtained his dual degree in Clinical Anatomy and in Medicine and Surgery in Glasgow University, Scotland. Dr. Feizal trained in various medical discipline including Respiratory, Cardiology, and Acute Medicine in hospitals in the UK. He was a clinical lecturer in Vascular medicine in Dundee University. After that he specialized in Acute Medicine with special interest in Respiratory and Cardiology. Dr. Feizal joined Amana Healthcare in 2013, and obtained his MBA with global management from IE Business School in 2015.

Dr. Khalid Anwar Consultant of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Abu Dhabi

Dr. Khalid is a Consultant of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Amana Healthcare, Abu Dhabi. Dr. Khalid obtained a MBBS from the University of Punjab in Pakistan with a specialized training from the UK in rehabilitation medicine. He is a Member at Royal College of Physicians (UK) and a Fellow at Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (UK). He has over 15 years of experience in the UK in rehabilitation medicine and has also previously worked in Saudi Arabia at King Fahad Hospital. He most recently worked as a Consultant at James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough, UK.

Dr. Vaqas Amin Farooqi Consultant of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation – Abu Dhabi

Dr. Vaqas Farooqi is a Consultant of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Amana Healthcare, Abu Dhabi. He obtained MBBS degree from Dow Medical College Pakistan and later worked in United Kingdom. In 2011 he completed rehabilitation training and was awarded Fellowship of Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine by Royal Australasian College of Physicians, Australia. Dr. Farooqi has extensive experience in managing complex neurological cases such as complicated strokes, acquired brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis. He has interests in managing acute and long term issues related to motor weakness, spasticity, fatigue, pain, continence impairments and cognitive disturbances. Dr. Farooqi has a keen interest in emerging technologies in rehabilitation including tele-rehabilitation, virtual rehabilitation and environmental enrichment.

Dr. Mohamed Heikal Specialist Pediatrician – Abu Dhabi

Dr. Mohamed Heikal is a Specialist Pediatrician at Amana Healthcare, Abu Dhabi. He has almost 15 years’ experience as a Physician and 12 years’ experience as a Pediatrician. Dr. Heikal completed his Master’s Degree in Pediatrics last 2008 and previously worked with both government and private healthcare industries in Egypt, Kuwait and in UAE.

Dr. Fatma Ridene Medical Admission Manager – Abu Dhabi

Dr. Fatma joins Amana as Senior Staff Physician and Patient Liaison Officer for our Abu Dhabi facility. She graduated in 1998 from Tunis Medicine University and then worked in the emergency field in Tunisia for 4 years. In 2005, Dr Fatma arrived in the UAE to join the Emergency and Public Safety Department in the Ministry Of Interior as Lieutenant Doctor for 5 years. Dr Fatma has spent the last 2 years in a chronic care facility and has gained extensive experience in this area with both adult and pediatric patients. She is an ERC and AHA Instructor with a passion for improving the quality of life.

Dr. Alaa Ali Mohamed Medical Practitioner – Abu Dhabi

Dr. Alaa El-Abbas Ali Mohamed is a Medical Practitioner at Amana Home Healthcare. Dr. Alaa graduated from University of Khartoum with a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery and a full membership of The Royal College of Physicians MRCP (UK). Dr. Alaa has practiced general medicine in reputed hospitals such as Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi and Suleiman Al-Habib Hospital HMG-Riyadh and King Saud Medical City in Saudi Arabia, with an experience in pediatrics, obstetrics, surgery and internal medicine during internship. Dr. Alaa has a special interest in internal medicine, specially geriatric medicine. Before joining Amana Home Healthcare, Dr.Alaa was an urgent care physician in Danat Al Emarat Hospital treating medical issues in women’s health, maternity care and pediatrics. She also worked as Clinical Manager and Medical Practitioner in home healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi.