It’s been a while since we talked! We’re reaching out to offer our warmest Ramadan greetings, and to let you know what’s happening in our world.

In early 2019 we joined Mubadala Healthcare. Mubadala is building an extraordinary healthcare network that covers a broad range of health services for local and international patients. It’s our privilege to be a part of this exciting new chapter in the story of UAE healthcare – it means we’ll be able to reach more people, and change more lives.

It’s big news, but even so, day-to-day life at Amana has not changed. Our vision and our commitment to world-class healthcare will never waver. For our patients – and us – Amana is home, and we believe home should be a safe haven, a place you can always count on.

Now, though, our world is a little bigger. Being part of a larger network means patients and their families have access to a broader range of services. In short, it means better healthcare for more people in the UAE. That’s been our vision at Amana from the very beginning, and it’s part of what makes us different.

Amana – It’s different here

We’re not like other hospitals. At Amana, our patients are our family, and their quality-of-life is our highest priority. Our goal is to change lives by raising the standard of healthcare in the Middle East, and changing a life starts with little things, day-to-day. That’s why wherever possible, our patients enjoy the sun, eat lunch in the garden, stay with family, go to malls and parks, and visit the mosque for daily prayers during Ramadan. It’s why they work with world-class therapists to make progress every day, rewriting the stories of their lives so they can go home as soon as they can. It’s why our hospitals are like homes, filled with friends, family, sunlight, colour, hope and optimism.

We believe our patients deserve a chance to live the best life possible, and at Amana, that’s what we offer.

Why not see for yourself?

Come see us in Abu Dhabi or Al Ain. Have coffee and dates in the majlis, meet our staff, talk to our patients, and feel the love. We are Amana. We are family.