Walking again with the REX rehabilitation robot


When an operation to remove a spinal tumor five years ago left Ali Al Mehrezi paralyzed from the neck down, he never thought he would walk again. But thanks to REX, the Robotic Exoskeleton – a pair of robotic legs that supports and assists a person who usually uses a wheelchair – the Emirati was [...]

Walking again with the REX rehabilitation robot2016-06-02T14:52:12+04:00

Patient gets a new lease of life at Amana Healthcare


When Habib Mohamed Omar arrived at Amana Healthcare (Al Ain) in January 2015 as new patient, he was met with great excitement by all the staff. He was referred to our facility in Abu Dhabi after two months of undergoing a lifesaving open heart surgery. On the very first meeting, the staff realized that Habib was a long way from his former [...]

Patient gets a new lease of life at Amana Healthcare2016-02-10T14:52:17+04:00
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Important Contact Information for Individuals with COVID-19

If you are experiencing a medical emergency: Call an ambulance immediately at 998 or the Estijaba hotline on 800 1717.
If you’re worried about your health or need clinical advice: Call the Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center at 800 4959 or email c19telemonitoring@telemed.ae
If you need to confirm that you’ve successfully recovered, or have queries about your tracker or its removal: Call the Department of Health at 800 555.
If you want to discuss your testing schedule or have concerns about your home visit or assessments: Call Amana Healthcare at 02 634 0436.
We have implemented new policies to protect our staff, patients and families from COVID-19. Please read.