The UAE’s first CARF-accredited Comprehensive
Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

Media & Press

Gulf News reporter Noor Nazzal came to visit Amana Healthcare, Abu Dhabi in search of an inspiring story of resilience and hope. The following is what she wrote as an account of her visit:

With their voice barely audibly over their loud life-support machines, three Emirati women prove they can make the most of their lives, regardless of how extreme their condition or short their life expectancy.

“At Amana Healthcare we heal with the touch and the smile, not just the medicine,” said Abeer Hussein Swaid, patient care coordinator. Amana Healthcare is a medical and rehabilitation center situated in Al Ain. With a mission statement to “deliver the highest global standard of clinical, rehabilitative and pastoral care to non-acute patients by using innovative care models characterized by strong cultural and religious adaptation,” the facility makes a mark for itself by fostering an environment facilitating spiritual healing and a community of similar people with parallel situations who help each other out.