Dr. Khalid Anwar’s interview helps save stroke survivor


On June 2, 2015, Dr. Khalid Anwar (Consultant of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Amana Healthcare, Abu Dhabi) was invited to talk about Stroke and help spread awareness around the issue, its symptoms and the importance of identifying these symptoms in the right time frame which aids the recovery process. […]

Dr. Khalid Anwar’s interview helps save stroke survivor2015-11-17T15:25:17+04:00

Amana Healthcare gives hope to its patients


Gulf News reporter Noor Nazzal came to visit Amana Healthcare, Abu Dhabi in search of an inspiring story of resilience and hope. The following is what she wrote as an account of her visit: With their voice barely audibly over their loud life-support machines, three Emirati women prove they can make the most of their [...]

Amana Healthcare gives hope to its patients2015-10-27T15:32:16+04:00

Amana Healthcare Al Ain uses innovative care models


“At Amana Healthcare we heal with the touch and the smile, not just the medicine,” said Abeer Hussein Swaid, patient care coordinator. Amana Healthcare is a medical and rehabilitation center situated in Al Ain. With a mission statement to “deliver the highest global standard of clinical, rehabilitative and pastoral care to non-acute patients by using [...]

Amana Healthcare Al Ain uses innovative care models2013-11-01T15:58:25+04:00

Important Contact Information for Individuals with COVID-19

If you are experiencing a medical emergency: Call an ambulance immediately at 998 or the Estijaba hotline on 800 1717.
If you’re worried about your health or need clinical advice: Call the Abu Dhabi Telemedicine Center at 800 4959 or email c19telemonitoring@telemed.ae
If you need to confirm that you’ve successfully recovered, or have queries about your tracker or its removal: Call the Department of Health at 800 555.
If you want to discuss your testing schedule or have concerns about your home visit or assessments: Call Amana Healthcare at 02 634 0436.
We have implemented new policies to protect our staff, patients and families from COVID-19. Please read.