Intensive Rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis is incurable and can be debilitating but with the right care, some sufferers can manage to lead relatively independent lives. After suffering the symptoms of multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years, 49-year-old Emirati Darwish set a goal for himself that most take for granted: standing up on his own two feet with [...]

Intensive Rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis2019-09-30T20:40:57+04:00

Long-Term Solutions


Patients with lifelong illnesses don’t necessarily have to compromise when it comes to achieving the best quality of life possible. For patients with long-term or degenerative conditions, it can be difficult to meet their medical and non-medical needs. This is certainly the case for those who require round-the-clock care. “It’s almost impossible for these people [...]

Long-Term Solutions2019-09-30T20:41:00+04:00

A Second Life


After undergoing the trauma of open-heart surgery and months of intense rehabilitation, an Emirati resident is now looking to the future. Back in early 2015, at a time that should have been filled with joy, newly married Dubai resident Habib Mohammed Omer found himself hit by several heart attacks and dramatically admitted to Dubai Hospital [...]

A Second Life2019-09-30T20:41:00+04:00

Inspiring story of recovery through rehabilitation


Shuaib Al Hosni can remember the moments leading up to the accident that almost cost him the use of his legs. The Emirati father of four was talking on the phone when he lost control of his car while turning at a roundabout. “I remember being on my phone, then the crash happening,” he said [...]

Inspiring story of recovery through rehabilitation2016-04-06T14:52:15+04:00

Patient gets a new lease of life at Amana Healthcare


When Habib Mohamed Omar arrived at Amana Healthcare (Al Ain) in January 2015 as new patient, he was met with great excitement by all the staff. He was referred to our facility in Abu Dhabi after two months of undergoing a lifesaving open heart surgery. On the very first meeting, the staff realized that Habib was a long way from his former [...]

Patient gets a new lease of life at Amana Healthcare2016-02-10T14:52:17+04:00

MOH brings innovation in Wound Management to the UAE


Avicenna Partners in collaboration with Ministry Of Health has officially brought eKare, a revolutionary wound management and assessment tool, to the UAE. During Arab Rehab Conference 2016, the Ministry of Health displayed eKare at its booth. Within the sphere of wound management, assessment and care, there hadn’t been much innovation done in recent times. [...]

MOH brings innovation in Wound Management to the UAE2016-01-25T14:52:20+04:00

Technology transforms lives of the disabled at Amana Healthcare


These technologies are transforming the lives of people with disabilities Patients with complex illnesses are living longer today than ever before as a result of advances in medical research and the availability of healthcare services. The disability-adjusted life year, or DALY, which measures overall disease burden by calculating the sum of years of life lost [...]

Technology transforms lives of the disabled at Amana Healthcare2015-12-21T15:25:10+04:00

Make a Wish takes Amana Healthcare’s patients to F1


When representatives of the Make A Wish foundation’s UAE office visited Amana Healthcare in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi a month ago, they had expressed an interest in extending their support to the patients they interacted with during their visit there. Badr Al Ali, a patient with locked-in syndrome, used his eyes as a medium to communicate his [...]

Make a Wish takes Amana Healthcare’s patients to F12015-11-29T15:25:12+04:00

Abu Dhabi Art Week with Amana Healthcare


Amana Healthcare held a workshop during Abu Dhabi Art Week 2015 at Manarat Al Saadiyat on November 21, 2015. The workshop was hosted by SEDRA (Services for Educational Development, Research and Awareness for Inclusion) where UAE based jordanian artist Salah Shaheen gave a presentation on new techniques for creating artworks digitally. He strongly suggested that everyone [...]

Abu Dhabi Art Week with Amana Healthcare2015-11-21T15:25:15+04:00
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