Introducing Amana Baby: expert, home-based healthcare for new babies – and their mothers.

At Amana one of our priorities is providing outstanding community-based care through our specialized home healthcare program.  Over the last few months we’ve been developing a new part of our home healthcare service: Amana Baby.

Amana Baby provides Western-trained midwives and health visitors to mothers in the privacy and comfort of home. For mothers, home is more convenient, familiar and relaxed: the ideal environment for recovering from childbirth, starting breastfeeding, and bonding with baby.

Who can benefit?

Both new and expecting mothers looking for experienced, personalized support will find the Amana Baby team of Western-trained professionals a welcome resource.

Under Amana Baby’s home-based antenatal care, expecting mothers:

  • Will be more likely to have a positive birthing experience
  • Will be less likely to suffer complications

Under Amana Baby’s home-based postnatal care, new mothers:

  • Will be less likely to suffer from postnatal depression
  • Will have a baby that is less likely to be re-admitted to hospital
  • Will have the support you need to give your baby the best start possible

Coffee with Amana Baby

The Amana Baby team holds regular get togethers for new and expecting mothers to connect, converse and share knowledge. To RSVP or for more information, email or call Tonia in Dubai (050 199 3819) or Jackie in Abu Dhabi (054 791 7600).