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The Littlest Princess — Dana’s Journey


At Amana we’re a lot of things. A sanctuary. A community. A family. We care for each other. We look out for each other. But not everyone stays forever. Some are with us just for a while, spreading joy and color before moving on to the next chapter of life. Dana was one of those [...]

The Littlest Princess — Dana’s Journey2019-09-30T20:39:27+04:00

The Best Start Possible


Introducing Amana Baby: expert, home-based healthcare for new babies – and their mothers. At Amana one of our priorities is providing outstanding community-based care through our specialized home healthcare program.  Over the last few months we’ve been developing a new part of our home healthcare service: Amana Baby. […]

The Best Start Possible2019-09-30T20:39:31+04:00

Life Saving Encounter


Marco Andiolo never thought a leisurely Fri­day afternoon stroll in the mall would save his life. The 56-year old Italian expat was shopping in Al Wahda Mall when a stroke awareness stand caught his eye. The awareness campaign was run by Amana Healthcare—a specialized provider of inpa­tient rehabilitation, long-term and home healthcare services— to educate [...]

Life Saving Encounter2019-09-30T20:39:55+04:00

A Day in the Life of a Patient – Butti Farhan Al Shamsi


It was late at night in Jan­uary. Butti Farhan Juma Alshamsi was driving home alone on the fast lane from Ajman to Sharjah, when a car sped behind him and flashed him to change lanes. Flustered, the 21 year old Emirati tried to maneuver to the right, when instead the car overtook him from the [...]

A Day in the Life of a Patient – Butti Farhan Al Shamsi2019-09-30T20:40:19+04:00

Day in the Life of Amana Healthcare Physiotherapist


At the simple mention of work, Carina Botes’s eyes light up. Growing up in South Africa as the daughter of a nurse, Carina was always confident that she wanted to be in the healthcare industry and had a special passion for rehabilitation. However, it wasn’t until Carina was at the young age of sixteen, when [...]

Day in the Life of Amana Healthcare Physiotherapist2019-09-30T20:40:21+04:00

Intensive Rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis


Multiple Sclerosis is incurable and can be debilitating but with the right care, some sufferers can manage to lead relatively independent lives. After suffering the symptoms of multiple sclerosis for more than 20 years, 49-year-old Emirati Darwish set a goal for himself that most take for granted: standing up on his own two feet with [...]

Intensive Rehabilitation for Multiple Sclerosis2019-09-30T20:40:57+04:00

Long-Term Solutions


Patients with lifelong illnesses don’t necessarily have to compromise when it comes to achieving the best quality of life possible. For patients with long-term or degenerative conditions, it can be difficult to meet their medical and non-medical needs. This is certainly the case for those who require round-the-clock care. “It’s almost impossible for these people [...]

Long-Term Solutions2019-09-30T20:41:00+04:00

A Second Life


After undergoing the trauma of open-heart surgery and months of intense rehabilitation, an Emirati resident is now looking to the future. Back in early 2015, at a time that should have been filled with joy, newly married Dubai resident Habib Mohammed Omer found himself hit by several heart attacks and dramatically admitted to Dubai Hospital [...]

A Second Life2019-09-30T20:41:00+04:00
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