Amana Healthcare has launched out-patient services within its Medical & Rehabilitation hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. “The objective of our outpatient service is to treat and assist patients in regaining their sense of independence with an expert rehabilitation team serving as a support system,” said Magi Livadaris, VP for Clinical Operations at Amana Healthcare. “Creating tailor-made treatments for each patient helps us track their performance and improvement thoroughly, resulting in an overall more effective recovery process.”

The various treatments provided in Amana Healthcare’s outpatient services include:

Pain Management: A specialised service for patients recovering from orthopedic or neurological injuries or arthritis that involve both medical treatment and specialised rehabilitation programmes.

Spasticity Management: A team of consultant rehabilitation physicians, nurses, and therapists design treatment programme, including hydrotherapy, to promote and maximise function and use of limbs in patients with cerebral palsy or spasticity-causing disorders.

Primary and Secondary Stroke Prevention: A team of specialist rehabilitation experts provide a specialized outpatient protocol for patients recovering from a stroke, which is one of the UAE’s leading causes of disability.

Outpatient Therapy Services: A team of specialist therapists assess and treat patients requiring intervention for complex neurological or medical conditions.

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