Amana Healthcare officially launched its first specialized long-term care facility this month, providing non-hospital healthcare services that include long-term, post-acute medical and rehabilitation services and respite care. Located in Al Ain, Amana Healthcare provides services to address the unique and complex needs of UAE nationals who require specialized long-term care.

Opening its doors for families and patients in the UAE, Amana Healthcare yesterday welcomed visitors to become familiarized with the new facility. Visitors interacted with doctors and staff and spoke to some of the current patients. An in depth tour was also given of the Arabesque two-story building, inclusive of the majlis area.

As the UAE healthcare sector continues to rapidly grow, the government is focusing on the further development of private-public partnerships and is actively encouraging investment from the private sector to facilitate expansion in healthcare infrastructure and increase access to world-class services.

“As the healthcare delivery system continues to expand, health authorities are seeking the support of providers who can meet the demand for specialized services and expertise. Currently, patients who require specialized long-term care are mainly cared for in acute hospitals within the UAE or specialized medical facilities outside the country in Europe and North America,” said Ali A. Hashemi, Executive Director of Amana Healthcare.  “A key benefit to introducing Amana Healthcare in the UAE is that it will help ease pressure on acute hospitals where beds are occupied by long-term patients.”

Established with the philosophy to provide each patient with the right type of care, in the right setting, at the right time, Amana gives residents and their families’ access to exceptional medical care in an atmosphere focused on maximizing patients’ quality of life. Designed around the medical, cultural and spiritual needs of residents, Amana offers around-the-clock services by the largest team of long-term care experts in the country. The facility provides holistic care that enables residents to maximise their potential in a culturally-adapted environment that is conducive to their physical and emotional development.

“An acute hospital bed is not a suitable environment for a patient who may spend five to twenty five years needing long-term care,” said Magi Livadaris, General Manager of Amana Healthcare. “At Amana, we make sure that patients receive the right care, both medical and emotional; at the right level, which ensures they get the undivided attention they deserve; and in the right setting, one that combines a hospital and home.”

Amana treats patients with severe, chronic medical conditions or suffer from profound, permanent functional limitations due to stroke, injury, or congenital disorders. These patients require hospital-grade preventive, therapeutic, and rehabilitative medical care services.  Amana’s services include intensive medical and nursing supervision, medication and symptom management, mobility support, physical and occupational therapy, continence management, and 24-hour on-site care by specialist physicians.  Located less than five minutes from Tawam Hospital in the Al Shoaiba District of Al Ain, Amana serves patients with conditions classified as intensive or severe by the Health Authority – Abu Dhabi under its long-term care standard.

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