Amana Healthcare, the first provider of specialized inpatient rehabilitation services in the UAE, was the lead sponsor of the Neurorehabilitation Abu Dhabi 2015 conference and featured heavily in its scientific program. Leading the rehabilitation industry in UAE, Amana Healthcare actively participated in the conference from March 5-7 to discuss current practices and regional needs in neurorehabilitation.

“Neurorehabilitation is a key area of focus for GCC health systems in which strokes, head injuries, spinal injuries and neurological diseases are highly prevalent,” said Magi Livadaris, Vice President for Clinical Operations at Amana Healthcare.  “In the UAE alone, traumatic brain injuries – many of them due to traffic accidents – affect over 5,000 people each year, while stroke is the second leading cause of disability.” The three day conference focused on stroke rehabilitation, brain injury, spinal cord injury, long term care and management of the neurologically disabled.  Rehabilitation specialists from Amana Healthcare will participate as scientific and clinical experts in a variety of sessions.  Ms. Nicola Costas, a UK-trained occupational therapist at Amana Healthcare, presented a review of methods for measuring outcomes in brain injury rehabilitation;  Dr. Mario Loffredo, an Italian consultant in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Amana Healthcare, presented on clinical issues in the management of complex neuro-rehabilitation patients.

“Excellence in neuro-rehabilitation – a key area of expertise at Amana Healthcare – can help these patients recover function, regain independence and return to active and fulfilling lives even after the most complex neurological disorders or procedures.  Amana Healthcare is committed to bringing world-class neuro-rehabilitation services closer to home for the people of the UAE – particularly for complex cases who need the intensity and standard of care that only specialized inpatient rehabilitation facilities can provide,” added Livadaris.

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