The UAE’s first CARF-accredited Comprehensive
Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

Admission Criteria for Long Term Intensive/Chronic Care

Step 1

Hospital is contacted about the patient by email
or by phone +971 56 333 7103

Step 2

Family consent for release of information and for assessment

Step 3

Medical report delivered to Amana Physician by email

Step 4

Initial assessment verified with hospital and physician informed

Step 5

Patient legal representative signs Amana Agreement and Thiqa preauthorization

Step 6

Inform referring hospital, physician and family regarding transfer process. Schedule transfer to Amana.

Admission Criteria for Long Term Intensive/Chronic Care

  • Post-trauma with permanent severe disability
  • Post stroke with permanent disability
  • Post stroke with multiple co-morbidity
  • Severe neurological disease
  • Chronic respiratory distress: non-ventilated
  • Chronic or severe malnutrition: requiring TPN
  • Chronic medical or multi-system disease requiring intensive nursing and medical assistance – including renal dysfunction and cardiac disease
  • Extensive post-operative complications
  • Complex wound care
  • Complex orthopedics
  • Other medical conditions that require chronic nursing and medical assistance as described in HAAD Long Term Care Standard PHP/POS/LTC 1.1

Admission Criteria for Long Term Ventilated Care

  • Post-trauma with permanent severe disability
  • Post C1-C4 fracture requiring long-term ventilation
  • Children with congenital disorders requiring mechanical ventilation or high levels of respiratory support
  • Neuromuscular diseases affecting independent respiration, including:
    • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
    • Spinal Muscular Dystrophy
    • Guillian Barré Syndrome
    • Myasthenia Gravis
    • Multiple Sclerosis

Requirements for Thiqa Coverage

To admit in Amana, the patient must have:

  • Proof of Thiqa Private Coverage
  • Copy of Thiqa Card


To enroll in Thiqa private coverage program, the following documents are required (

  • Original and one copy of all pages of the family book (for each family)
  • Original and one copy of passport (for each individual)
  • One passport size photograph (for each individual/not applicable for newborns)
  • Copies of both sides of identity card, if available (for each individual)
  • For the nationals from Emirates other than Abu Dhabi, justification of working in Abu Dhabi or living in Abu Dhabi: i.e. employment certificate, rent contract or property contract

Requirements for Private Coverage

The patient may utilize coverage offered by other private insurance providers that includes Amana Healthcare services. Alternatively, payments can be made in cash or through credit card directly at a suitable Amana Healthcare hospital.